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We Can Canada Goose Online Make Google Search Better

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Have you canada goose coats on sale ever been in the position canada goose factory sale in which you needed to conduct a search but couldn’t find the words Canada Goose sale that were suitable to query? If so, software company Visual Purple hopes to help through an effort it calls Gooey Search.

The idea for Gooey is to provide a stripped down canada goose outlet online uk version of Google’s search results that eliminates spam and “bubbles up” only the canada goose outlet store uk most relevant results. It has no desire to become the uk canada goose next “Google killer,” and actually, is described by Heinbockel as an “intelligent layer” that sits on uk canada goose outlet top of Google’s results.

The canada goose outlet shop company has launched a Kickstarter project in hopes of goose outlet canada raising $125,000 to bring its technology to consumers in the form of an iPad app and a Firefox browser add on.

As Heinbockel explained, Gooey’s results allow users to interact and customize their search Canada Goose Coats On Sale experience. The company specifically provides a Gooey Graph that lets users delete and stack the results in order to find what they need.

“Our belief is that people will gravitate canada goose outlet uk sale to canada goose outlet a more interactive venue canada goose outlet black friday to canada goose outlet sale do things and this is just a way to provide an Canada Goose Outlet interactive venue an intelligent, interactive venue to Google results,” said Heinbockel.

“Our technology does all the canada goose outlet nyc reading for you canada goose uk outlet and bubbles up what you’re really looking for and lets you navigate those results,” he added.

Gooey Search buy canada goose jacket cheap also takes a strong stand on privacy, which, of course, is Canada Goose Jackets a canada goose outlet new york city topic that is gaining continuous attention in regards to Google. The search giant enacted its new privacy policy on March 1 of this year amid outcries canadian goose jacket from consumers and privacy activists.

“Essentially using Google or any of the popular search engines without going through something like Gooey or DuckDuck [DuckDuckGo] just to do canada goose outlet jackets basic stuff, you basically relinquish any rights canada goose jacket outlet to privacy,” Heinbockel points out. The difference, however, is that GisterPRO is cloud based and Gooey is based around groups that are crowd based clouds.

In other words, when a search is official Canada Goose online canada goose outlet conducted, it is canada goose outlet reviews distributed bit by bit to canada goose black friday sale a large group of users. Heinbockel tells us that the technology behind Gooey cannot attribute a search to a given node or canada goose black friday buy canada goose jacket sale computer, thus giving users complete privacy and anonymity.

“For canada goose outlet online an organization or company canada goose outlet parka or individual canada goose outlet in usa to reassemble that search in a cohesive and coherent fashion is virtually impossible,” he canada goose clearance sale said.

Even with these privacy protections, why canada goose store would a searcher use Gooey over a Google alternative such as DuckDuckGo? We posed this question to Heinbockel, who told us that, while DuckDuckGo and other search engines provide anonymity, they lack the “intelligent layer” that Gooey provides. As he explained, Gooey reads all the results but returns only the most relevant results for users. He cheap canada goose uk believes this is a win for users since it gives them the best information canada goose outlet store while also saving time.

Going forward, Heinbockel told us that it would “make a lot of sense” for a Google or Bing to use a product like Gooey for its advanced search system. Although no talks are currently in the works, he canada goose uk shop said Gooey would be open to discussions if the right opportunity presented itself.

With the capital the company anticipates bringing in through the Kickstarter project, it hopes to make Gooey canada goose clearance canada goose outlet canada cheap Canada Goose Search available to everyone and also canada goose raise awareness that such a product exists.

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