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Thank you for responding positively and not getting upset and defensive. My language wasn the best, but I feel a little strongly about uk canada goose outlet conmen and let that come through unintentionally.

To be honest, you could say the same thing about Hitler or Jim Jones canada goose outlet store or Scientology. I define a “con man” as someone who does goose outlet canada not live the life he preaches.

Here a trivial example: the whole canada goose coats on sale “wear red” buy canada goose jacket thing. canada goose outlet online uk Why canada goose canada goose uk black friday outlet sale didn he wear simple red clothes himself? And why all this pomp and show, with his throne on the stage and no one else? I canada goose outlet canada goose uk shop nyc looked at canada goose black friday sale official canada goose outlet it, and it all seemed like canada goose outlet toronto factory a fake act to me.

There are people who still believe the earth is flat. I am not saying that a good idea or even canada goose outlet a reasonable idea, canada goose outlet shop but it wasn just “DO IT BECAUSE I TOLD YOU.” He frequently canada goose outlet parka said if these devices canada goose clearance sale lose their purpose, drop them; cheap canada goose uk in the canada goose outlet jackets end, he told everyone to drop them unless they really wanted to continue.

His canada goose outlet in usa “throne” canada goose black friday sale was a comfortable chair and he was on the canada goose factory sale canada goose outlet store uk platform alone because people were there to see him. It not really that different from asking why there aren more people on stage during anything else where there a Canada Goose canada goose online Online focal star of some canada goose outlet black friday kind.

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A friend in high school grew up at the community canada goose clearance in California he Canada Goose Outlet canada goose outlet uk discusses (I believe it was called the Mountain of Attention) before moving to my hometown in the midwest. She canada goose coats always referred to him canada goose jacket outlet as Adi Da canadian goose jacket (never heard any other name mentioned) and had a kind of meh, neutral stance about it/him but otherwise her Canada Goose Jackets experiences were exactly like he describes. I do remember every time we went to her house it was always full uk canada goose of incense and a life sized cutout (I found him to be a very disturbing looking man).

Other than all canada goose outlet uk sale that, what I found most striking is that her father always seemed in a state of semi disbelief at the idea people might not think he was God, and could almost get hostile canada goose outlet new york city about it. At that age my interest in cults was canada goose factory outlet already strong so I Canada Goose online was initially always excited to go over there, but his intensity helped me get over canada goose that very quickly.

Noktav 2 points submitted 1 month ago

Also, having read into them quite a bit (I was extremely fascinated), there are really a lot of outlandish practices. A sample follows:

Red and black are evil colors. Their literature canada goose uk outlet is all printed in purple. Once properly purified with canada goose outlet online the Violet Flame, red things (like the stripes on the US flag and your blood) will turn gold

Cellphones are dangerous because the messages canada goose store being communicated seep into canada goose outlet reviews our thoughts as they go through Canada Goose Parka the air

Percussion instruments are evil. The organ and harp are holy. Penney is an Ascended Master

Members are asked to euthanize their pets, as animals attract evil.

No sex

No meat (not saying that weird), onions, garlic, etc

The United States and Switzerland are sponsored by cheap Canada Goose supernatural powers and are somewhat worshipped.

You have an electronic version of yourself (your Mighty I AM Presence) constantly floating 10 50 feet above your canadagooseoutleta head. buy canada goose jacket cheap It gets closer when you follow the rules and give decrees, and starts drifting away if you canada goose outlet canada sin or stop thinking Canada Goose sale about it (you are supposed to think about all the time)

Decrees are the most effective form of prayer. They are phrases Canada Goose Coats On Sale or paragraphs yelled over and over at extremely high speeds. They are to be used very frequently and openly. When the movement was bigger in the 1930s, there are many accounts of people shouting decrees for “Violet Flame Invincibility” as they walked down streets at night, or screaming “BLAST BLAST BLAST” if they, for example, saw a red dress in a shop window.

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