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Today I lost to Gregg Popovich again. I hate his face. I see it everywhere. Before the game canada goose I swear he pointed to the scoresheet and it said “Rockets: DNP D But when I looked again, there canada goose jacket outlet was nothing there. the same thing happened with canada goose uk outlet James Harden canada canada goose uk shop goose outlet uk sale all night.

At halftime I was trying to think of what to say, and Pop was sitting in the locker room making fun of my mustache. He was wearing canada goose outlet shop only a towel, like he was cheap canada goose uk in a sauna. He kept saying, “Are you a man or a potato Canada Goose Parka chip?”

During a timeout I turned to Trevor and I saw Pop. He started lecturing me about peace in the Middle East. I said, “I don know goose outlet canada anything about the Gaza strip.” Then Trevor started shaking me and said, “What should we do on this next trip?” I shouted, “We not settling for canada goose coats a two state solution! Just put the ball canada goose outlet parka in the Canada Goose sale Netanyahu!”

I canada goose outlet store uk came home and Laurel was suddenly a 68 year old bearded man. She said, “I going to use you up like a bar canada goose outlet store of soap until there nothing left.”As a Spurs fan I honestly feel badly for D He spent years losing to SA quite a bit in the playoffs, canada goose factory sale including that series with the Horry hip check that was probably hard to swallow. Then he goes to Canada Goose online NYN thinking he doesn canada goose outlet online uk have to deal with that bullshit anymore and yet here he is canada goose outlet black friday again Canada Goose Coats On Sale losing to Pop.

And wtf was up with Harden fouling out on purpose? Did D tell him to do that or did he just straight up check out. Anyways, respect to canada goose outlet buy canada goose jacket cheap uk Houston and their fans, it was a rough and tumble series. I guess it our turn to lose to GSW.

Jokes aside though Spurs can match up to GSW but it gonna be a tough series. Ironic that up until now we never uk canada goose outlet gotten a canada goose outlet canada SAS GSW playoff series in the Curry era. I lost all canada goose outlet online excitement and was deflated even uk canada goose before the game began and I was just telling them all the unlikely things that needed to happen for the Spurs to win.

LA needs to get 35+ points (yea short by 1 )

Simmons needs to get 20+ points (yea short by 2)

Make canada goose clearance sale sure the Rockets don shoot over 35% on 3 most importantly, play rock hard defense and keep the Rockets under 100 points. cause there ain no way in hell the Spurs are gonna get over 100 points without Kawhi lol

I didn believe canada goose outlet jackets all of this would happen. There was just no way. but somehow, all of it happened. All the pieces fell into place, and the Rockets got shut down hard. I really just thought Pop was gonna let this one go and prepare for Game 7. but nope! canada goose clearance LA had his canada goose outlet nyc best (and most efficient) game of the series. Simmons was a friggin beast. Mills canada goose outlet sale and canada goose black friday sale Murray were great. And then. the defense. My GOD! Green, Gasol, Simmons, Murray, Mills, EVERYONE stepped up. Everyone canada goose outlet new york city that played 20+ jackets mins tonight had a block or a steal. They were reading cheap Canada Goose canada canada goose store goose factory outlet the Rockets like a book, through each pass and each possession.

Man, the Spurs. The Rockets went into game 1 with extra Canada Goose Outlet rest while the Spurs just came off a grueling series canada goose uk black friday with the Grizz. So instead of going all out from the start, he throws the game. Lets the Rockets waste that rest knowing D would burn through their stamina across the series while the Spurs jog around the court getting a bit of a breather.

It would explain why Pop was so nonchalant after game canadian goose jacket 1. He watches his team get Canada Goose Online destroyed and makes jokes about himself canada goose coats on sale not knowing how to coach. Looks positively gleeful the day after. Hurts for me to say, but he really lacks grit in pivotal moments.

He needs to stop being a fucking baby and sack up. Yeah you lost a close game on the road that you should have one. Yeah it going to canada goose outlet in usa be an uphill battle. But for fucks sake their star player is out, you can win official canada goose outlet game 6, and come back to win game 7, and you already showed you can win on the road. So time to canada goose outlet toronto factory rally your team, and have an epic career playoff performance showing why you are one of the canada goose outlet top players of your generation!

But nope. It was equally hilarious and canada goose black friday sale sad how the Rockets just couldn get anything going and refused to take midrange jumpers. canada goose outlet reviews The Spurs defense had those shots available, especially with them running them off beyond the arc so aggressively, but it was like the Rockets were completely confused on what to even do without threes or driving lanes open.

As soon as I heard that Kawhi was out, I thought Houston would Canada Goose Jackets take full advantage and we be gearing up for a Game 7 buy canada goose jacket by halftime. I still can believe what happened, that was a fucking evisceration.

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